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How can Rapid Transformational Therapy help you?

How can Rapid Transformational Therapy help you?

How can Rapid Transformational Therapy help you?How can Rapid Transformational Therapy help you?

How may I help you?

Anxiety and Depression


Anxiety and depression are not the same but equally debilatating.
Learning that you wont feel like this forever, that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that your enough exactly as you are will be life changing. Unlock the strangle hold of anxiety and depression. I'm passionate about this and understand you need care and nurturing. I would love to help you get back on your feet.
Rapid Transformational Therapy is the future of hypnosis.



Addictions can destroy both you and your loved ones. It doesn't have to be like this, there is help in understanding why you do what you do. Through safe hypnosis and regression we will discover your true self beliefs and with this understanding you are better equipped to destroy old negative patterns and become free forever from your addiction. 

All clients are different and the amount of sessions required will depend on the individual.

1 - 6 sessions are usually recommended.

Become Bulletproof to Bullies


We have all seen the devastating affects bullies can have on us and our loved ones.

It cant go on any longer!

Learn your self worth and become Bulletproof to Bullies. When you become strong in your personal power bullies will no longer affect you. This can literally save lives and once learnt and understood the message can be shared.

if you or someone you know is affected reach out please.

I am qualified to work with children.



How does calm, collected and confident sound to you? Pretty good? Yes, its how we all deserve to live. But throughout our lives we get knocked down and if that happens enough our confidence sails out the window. The great news is that it can sail right back into your life! Learn how to believe in yourself again, your unique and worth it. There is no one else out there like you, show up and  feel special. RTT will give you the skills you need to gain every ounce of confidence you want and need to live the life of your dreams.

Fears and Phobias


It can be as simple as not being able to sit outside because your frightened of birds or it can be holding you back from getting on an aircraft thats waiting to take you on your dream holiday. Fears and phobias come in all shapes and sizes and no matter what it is if its stopping you from enjoying your life its time to deal with it in one easy session. Together we will make those fears and phobias a thing of the past. Its easy, relaxing and you will be pleased you made the decision to take control of your life.

Usually one session is enough to cure your fears and phobia's.



Is it all too hard? Do you have an attraction to distraction?

Becoming motivated and positive is a mind game and you can easily master it with just one RTT session. Lets find your blocks, erase and eradicate them forever and get you on your way to achieving your goals.

Whether its business, sport, moving house, starting a new regime of exercise or food planning, looking for new work or starting a project sometimes we need a kick start to get going. I would love to help you.

Public Speaking


Public speaking is one of society's biggest fears! After only one session you will be fearless and excited about speaking publicly with clarity and total confidence.

Whether your a student, a CEO or anyone inbetween learning to confidently speak in public is a huge advantage.

Great for wedding speeches too!



How can we have great relationships with others if we don't have a great relationship with ourselves first?

Once we  understand what makes us tick, what excites us, upsets us or makes us feel vunerable  then we can improve everything. 

Our most important relationship is with our true self. Take the time to discover and honour your qualities, love who you are and do what you love to do. Then when your ready it will be so much easier to have happy and positive relationships with others.

Life Coaching


Design your dream life!

Its easy to forget about your dreams in the busyness and practicality of everyday living, but with some fun and exciting coaching you can find that spark again and learn how to get from here to there with proven methods. 

Whatever it is, travel, a new career, the confidence to find a new relationship, why not start making it happen?

Life shouldnt be a struggle, do what you love!

Sports Performance


Whats the difference between the top performers and the rest of the competition? Headspace.

Knowing, believing and seeing yourself as a champion is essential. 

Ofcourse nothing works till you doing the work, RTT has phenomenal results with athletes.

Stress management


Is it all too much? 

Life can be easier and should be for you. With RTT together we will reduce your stress to live a life of freedom and enjoyment whilst still being able to deal effectively with day to day challenges.

Taking control of your life is exciting and empowering, make stress a word of the past forever!

Money Blocks


Ever wondered why your not earning the amount of money you dream of? 

Is spending everything you earn a regular pattern for you?

Do you wish that you never had to worry about money again?

Welcome to RTT and Money Blocks!

Find out the real reason your not where you want to be financially and together lets turn that around.

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