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How can Rapid Transformational Therapy help you?

How can Rapid Transformational Therapy help you?

How can Rapid Transformational Therapy help you?How can Rapid Transformational Therapy help you?

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Welcome to the exciting Transformational world of RTT!

Your 2 hour session with Sandra takes you into the fascinating realm of your subconscious beliefs and behaviors where you will be safely and gently navigated  back to the root cause of where and why you developed negative thought patterns, imprints and self destructive 


You see, what has happened to you on the past is not so important, it’s how you have responded and reacted to that event that determines your health and happiness, your calm and confidence.

Marisa Peer, the founder of RTT says “we can’t heal what we can’t feel”…how true. Once we look at the root cause of your issue together we can dig it up and dispose of it once and for all. This creates space for your transformation to begin.

I use unique and proven methods of therapy to begin your exciting new belief system, always safe, always gentle to the spirit.

You will also have a personalised recording made for you in the session to take home, listening to this for 30 days is creating new neural pathways, behaviours and beliefs.

RTT is effective for almost every issue created by negative thoughts and behaviors.

Anxiety, stress management, loss of confidence, weight concerns, addictions and pain management are common concerns for guests interested in RTT.

If you are committed to change you will find long lasting and permanent benefits.

As your RTT Therapist  I am highly trained as an Advanced RTT Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I have trained internationally with Marisa Peer (U.K.), Richard Bandler (U.K.), Eckhart Tolle (U.S), Jack Canfield (U.S) and Robin Sharma (Canada).

RTT truly has the power to change your life – to allow you to become the person you dream of becoming – happy, loved, confident, healthy and successful.

I am deeply committed to your happiness and wellness and looks forward to helping you.I am an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Before my life in RTT I was in the retail industry.

Having worked with thousands of clients  over the space 40 years I came to understand that we all have hidden subconscious beliefs that are holding us back from our true peace, happiness and potential.

And whilst retail therapy was fun and is an important connection for many people I realised there was a more pressing form of therapy I was drawn to...Rapid Transformational Therapy.

I am  lucky enough to be one of only approx.1200 people world wide to have been trained in person by Marisa Peer, the highly acclaimed and awarded founder of RTT.

Marisa counts current A List Hollywood celebrities, Olympic athletes, Royals, Fortune 500 CEO's and Presidents as some of her clients and has been voted Britains Best Therapist for many years.

RTT has given me the tools needed to help my clients make a huge step forward in their lives, I absolutely love what I do and  to see my wonderful clients transform their lives is a such a gift.

I've also been personally trained by Jack Canfield in Arizona, U.S.A, Patty Aubrey  in Las Vegas and was hand picked to be  one of only a hundred people worldwide to train with Robin Sharma at his famous event TheTitan Summit in Toronto, Canada.

RTT is astoundingly successful in changing peoples lives and I'm super excited to be part of this cutting edge therapy.

I also work at the beautiful Gaia Retreat at Byron Bay as a guest therapist.

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